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Free Classroom Big Data Hadoop & Spark Bootcamp

R Programming 101 Bootcamp Free R Programming 101 Bootcamp  Come and join us for the fun session on understanding the …

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Apr-25-2017 6:30PM to 8:30PM Free $0.00

R Programming 101 Bootcamp

Free R Programming 101 Bootcamp 

Come and join us for the fun session on understanding the basics of R and a hands-on Demo on it

Docker is an open platform for developers and sysadmins to build,

ship, and run distributed applications, whether on laptops, data

center VMs, or the cloud.

In this talk we’ll explore:

  – What is a R Programming

  – R vs python

  – R demo

Big Data Trunk is a company focused exclusively on Big Data Technologies. We offer training, placement and job/project assistance on big data.

This Session at our Fremont CA classroom provides opportunity for building your career in high demand Big data domain. (Online option available for non-locals)

For more details checkout this video

See you at the event!

To get most out of the Bootcamp, it is highly recommended to attend in person in the classroom. In case you are unable to attend classroom, you can join online through webex.


What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Ample free parking is available

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

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Free Big Data Hadoop & Spark Bootcamp

About this Course:

Getting programs on Hadoop and Spark Boot Camp with many machines to work together in a (producing a lot with very little waste) way so that each program knows which parts/pieces of the data to process; and then being able to put the results from all of the machines together to make sense of a large pool of data; it takes special programming ways of doing things.

Why should I go for Hadoop and Spark Boot Camp?

For Hadoop and Spark Boot Camp, basic equipment is needed for a business or community of people (or all good people in the world) to operate upon. Hadoop and Spark Boot Camp layers do make it possible for people to carefully study and explore the large books or large amounts of data with MapReduce and related programming (surrounding conditions) for different businesses or social purposes; such as understanding customer behavior as well as to find a cure for rare sicknesses.

Why is Hadoop and Spark Boot Camp is  important:

Hadoop and Spark are the work-horses of distributed computing in the business world today. Working with the two (solid basic structures on which bigger things can be built) will give students tools to deal (in a way that produces a lot with very little waste) with data sets that are too large to be processed on a single machine.

Job Opportunities for the Developers

Our suggestion is if you are really honestly interested in Hadoop and Spark Boot Camp then deep dive into Hadoop technologies, ignoring the knowledge about Java. You don’t necessarily need to know about Java to get started; but you ought to learn it to become an expert in Hadoop technologies.

Eligibility for Hadoop and Spark Boot Camp

Any professional or a fresh graduate interested to enter the Big Data (information-giving numbers) professionals, IT professionals, ETL developers, Project managers, testing beginners and experts will find the course ideal.


Module 1 Big Data Overview

  • Challenges of existing Data Analytics
  • What is Big data?
  • Why Big data has become so important ?
  • Big data Use cases
  • What is Hadoop
  • Hadoop History

Module 2 – Big data Fundatmentals and terminology

  • Hadoop Eco-System
  • Hadoop Components
  • Different Big data distributions
  • Learn the Big data terms

Module 3 – Apache Spark Overview

Lab 1: Spin up Hadoop cluster

Lab 2: Run your first Map Reduce Program