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Big Data Hadoop for Quality Analyst (QA)

About this Course: Big Data QA Tester is the process of providing promise about the quality of data that businesses …

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    About this Course:

    Big Data QA Tester is the process of providing promise about the quality of data that businesses require. It gives them the confidence to use such tested qualitative data in their decision making processes. This will speed up the growth in the world-wide processes of people making, selling, and buying things and as well creating jobs. QA is one of the tall supporting posts / important parts of data authority and control. It is generally referred as data quality rather than QA. Big Data QA Tester prides in himself that Big Data QA stands on the pedestal of veracity.

    Why should I go for Big Data QA Tester Training?

    Structured business data is increased and added with (without rules, schedules, etc.) data, and semi-structured data from social media and other third parties. For the Big Data testing to be effective success plans and ways of reaching goals are very much needed. Testers need to continuously monitor and validate the 4Vs of Data – Volume, Variety, Velocity and Value, which are in fact are the basic traits and qualities of Big Data QAs. Since the demand for qualitative big data has become imperative for business houses; one should grab this opportunity and make a big success in their career by going in for Big Data QA Tester Training.

    Why is Big Data QA Tester is important

    Big Data QA Tester performs and provides accurate qualitative data. He counts things twice, thrice and even misses out some things and mingles some things; integrate things to get at accurate quality data. The big data he provides through QA Testing policies and through certain measures is highly valued by the companies since this data is completely filtered and narrowed down to the logical conclusion through QA Testing measures.

    Job Opportunities for the Developers

    Till the time the market changes and gets better, fully automated testing tools are available for Big Data validation. So the Big Data QA Tester does not have any other option but to gain the same skill-set as Big Data developer and take advantage of Big Data technologies like Hadoop. Big Data testers have to learn the parts and in pieces of the Big Data eco system from the scratch.

    Eligibility for Big Data QA Tester Training

    To deal with Big Data QA Tester, you need to have good analytical skills and some experience in java programming language

    Course Curriculum:

    Schedule: 6 Weeks Program

    Every Sunday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM PST

    Every Wed 7 to 8:30 PM PST

    Module 1 – Big Data Overview

    • Lab 1 Cloudera Install
    • Cloudera VM Walkthrough

    Module 2 – Basic of Unix & Java

    • Lab 2a Basic Unix Command
    • Lab 2b Basic Java for Hadoop

    Module 3 – HDFS and MapReduce Basic

    • Lab 3 – Interacting with HDFS & MapReduce

    Module 4 – Hive

    • Lab 5a Practice HiveQL
    • Lab 5b Working with Hive

    Module 6 – Test Director

    • Lab 6 – Test Director

    Module 7 – Big Data Testing strategies

    • Lab 7 – Testing Strategy

    Module 8 – Black Box testing

    • Lab 8 – Black box Lab

    Module 9 – Apache Spark SQL

    • Lab 9– Spark Lab

    Module 10 – Best Practices

    Module 11 – Project

    Module 12 – Interview Prep