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Foundation (FREE) (Complete Guide to Learn Big data and Hadoop from Scratch) Data Ingestion (Complete Reference for Apache Sqoop and …


    Foundation (FREE)

    (Complete Guide to Learn Big data and Hadoop from Scratch)

    Data Ingestion

    (Complete Reference for Apache Sqoop and Flume)


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    Online Big Data training gives full-length courses based on Hadoop Technologies for developers, data analysts and managers. Designed in a format that meets your convenience, availability and flexibility needs. These courses will lead you on the path to becoming a certified Hadoop professional.

    Why Online Big Data Training?

    Because the Internet is global, there is a much larger market from which to attract interested participants to your online presentation or training event to offer training anywhere, anytime. That means whether your trainees are all together in a classroom or scattered all over the country in different time zones, they can still tap into the same course materials, and at a time that’s convenient to them.

    Benefits of Online Big Data Training

    Teachers can improve (as much as possible) the timeliness and focus of the (school courses), students can better fit learning time into their schedules, and companies end up spending less on training their (all the workers in a company or country).

    -Simple, Flexible (planning required to move people and supplies to where they’re needed)

    -Immediate, Cost-Effective and (reactions or responses to something/helpful returned information)

    -Greater Access to (ability to do things very well)

    -Good Return on Investment

    -Creating Successful Presentation

    -A Better Fit for 21st-Century Businesses

    Job Opportunities for Big Data?

    The big data job market is a very competitive one. You need to make sure to bring the proper weapons to fight. If your payment is in the bottom quartile or even below middle-point, you’ll have issues appealing to people with the skills you desire.

    Eligibility for Online Big Data Training/Hadoop Online Training Online Big Data Training

    Anyone who has knowledge on Java, basic UNIX and basic SQL can opt for the Big Data and Hadoop training course Big Data and Hadoop Online Training.


    This course is part of “Big data Internship Program”  which is aligned to a typical Big data project life cycle stage.

    • Foundation
    • Ingestion
    • Storage
    • Processing
    • Visualization

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