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Big Data Trunk – Course Contents

Big Data Hadoop & Spark Developer/Architect

February 03,2017 / 0 Comments

About this Course: If an act of something gets bigger and bigger, wider and...

Big Data Analyst / Intro to Data Science

February 02,2017 / 0 Comments

About this Course: Big Data Analyst Training in Hadoop course is for beginner...

Big Data Trunk Mentorship Program

February 01,2017 / 0 Comments

Addon plus Mentorship Programs:                                        ...

Tableau Developer Classroom Internship Program

January 31,2017 / 0 Comments

About this Course: Tableau Software is an American computer software managed and...

Big Data Hadoop for Quality Analyst (QA)

January 30,2017 / 0 Comments

About this Course: Big Data QA Tester is the process of providing promise about the...

Machine Learning With Python

January 06,2017 / 0 Comments

What is machine learning? This is the question that’s fascinating us today. And everybody...

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