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FAQs about training batches

1. What training courses does Big Data Trunk Inc. offer?

Big data trunk trains you to be an IT professional in the following fields:

  • Big Data Hadoop & Spark Developer/Architect
  • Big Data Analyst / Intro to Data Science
  • Big Data Hadoop for Quality Analyst (QA)
  • Tableau Developer Classroom Internship Program
  • DevOps Cloud Computing Training
  • Mentorship program
  • Machine Learning Training

2. How long is the training? What are the timings?

Schedule: 6 Weeks Program

Every Sunday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM PST

Every Wednesday 7:00 pm-8:30pm PST (Online)

3.  When does the training start?

New training batches start every 6 weeks. The old batches once completed go for mentorship/marketing prep/certification prep depending on the technology.

4. How do you individualize the training?

Batch sizes are kept small for maximize trainer-student experience.

5. What is the structure of the training courses, either online or in-class training?

Yes, we offer in-class training. If you are a remote candidate, you are welcome to attend our trainings virtually. We have a sophisticated WebEx set up where you can hear the instructor and see his desktop. In-class experience is always better than online but for some people work well with online training also.

6. Who are the trainers and what is their background?

Our trainers have more than 15+ years of real world experience and done training for long time, certified and highly experienced in their field. They provide support even after completion of your training. Our training prepares you for certification in the field of Big data related platform. Our trainers are passionate, experienced in that technology, and work in that area only. For more information, please visit:

7. What qualifications do I need for Big data Hadoop developer?

Any coding knowledge java, python, Scala, C, .NET etc.

8. Do you need to know programming for Big data developer?

Yes, preferable any coding knowledge java, python etc.

9. What qualifications do I need for big data Analyst?

Basic SQL or Knowledge of any BI tools like Tableau, Power BI, Qlikview, Business Objects, OBIEE etc.

10. Difference between Big data developer and Analyst

Developers perform functions like data ingestion, coding complex big data solutions while Analyst helps in reporting, Analysis and visualization of the data once the data has been ingested.

11. Do you guys charge money for training? Is there a fee for the course?

 Yes, we do charge for the training, it is $1000 for any course. However, it is refundable if you work through us for one year.

  • Do you refund the training fee if I change my mind?
    We do not refund the training fee as we incur costs in getting the study material, the space set up for training purposes, and most importantly, in getting the trainer. Once you sign up, register and pay for the course, there will be no refund on no-show ups or your own non-availability to attend that session but any emergency cases we consider refund after 10% service fee is charged.

12. Who can I contact for more information?

This FAQ should answer most of your questions.  But, if you still have more questions or want to sign up, please contact your recruiter who sent you this FAQ or call the main number 510-894-9922

13. Is there a commitment?

Yes, Bigdatatrunk expects that you will work with Big Data Trunk LLC. for a period of one year after you have been placed with one of our clients.  Also, Big Data Trunk will have 6 months exclusive right to market agreement on you after training is over.  We place most candidates within 2-3 months of finishing the training (some much sooner) but some not-so-brilliant candidates take up to 5-6 months to get placed.   This contract is backed by a $10,000 promissory note!

14. I don’t want to sign the contract. Can I take placement without signing the contract?

Yes, but you will have to pay $10,000 for the training/mentorship and placement assistance.

15. Does Big Data Trunk also process H-1 visas for their candidates?

Yes, we gladly sponsor H-1 visa.  We use highly reputed immigration consulting.

16. Do you work with third party candidates? That is, if I hold an H-1 visa with Another company, can you give me placement?

Yes, we gladly work with third party candidates.  Again, you have 2 choices.  Option 1: Take our training/mentorship/placement (pay $10,000) with no promise of working through us for getting a job.  Option 2: If you also want placement assistance, in addition to training security deposit, we will also have an exclusive right to market you agreement with not just you, but, also your consulting company.  This exclusive “right to market you” agreement will be at a pre-determined.

17. Can you give me references of some of your past candidates?

Yes, absolutely.  We can give you references of all kinds of candidates:

18. So, will I be on pay-roll of Big Data Trunk?

Yes, you will be on our payroll and have the option on being on our W2 or on 1099.

Note: One year contract (2080 billing hours and after that % will be revisited and mentorship deposit refunded)

19. Does Big Data Trunk pay for overtime when I work extra hours at the client site?

Most clients do not pay for overtime to us and hence Big Data Trunk will not pay overtime to the employee.  However, if you work for a client that does pay Big Data Trunk for overtime, then, we pass on that payment to you.  Most clients would give you comp time off (complimentary time off) for hours that you work extra.  However, there is no guarantee.

20. Are you a preferred vendor with all these companies listed above?

No, Big Data Trunk is not a preferred vendor with all these companies.  We have a few direct clients like Cisco, amazon, Wells Fargo, several startup companiesetc.).  However, Big Data Trunk is a preferred vendor to several big preferred vendors.  So, we have our reach into large poolof companies who hires IT professionals.

21. What happens after training?

After the training is complete, we conduct many mock-interviews, both one-on-one as well as in a group setting so everyone can benefit from it. And, then, Big Data Trunk marketing staff start marketing you to our contacts in Fortune 500 clients.

22. Once the training gets over, do you expect the candidate to visit office

every day while the candidate is being applied to various clients and mock interviews are being done or is that all done via email and calls?

You are not required to come to office every day after class is over.  But, you are expected to be available by mail and phone every single day during the 6 months “exclusive right to market period”.  For those candidates who do take the effort to be in the office every single day, working with our recruiters on positions, generally, success comes much sooner.

23. Do you provide any on the job support?

Absolutely!  It is in both of our best interests to keep you at your job.  If it requires for instructors to spend some time with the candidate to help him/her out on the job, we will gladly do it.  All the instructors of big data trunk are paid on a commission basis and hence we are all motivated to help you out on your job by giving you tips, help you understand the architecture of your application, or anything that you need assistance on to hold on to your job.  Almost in every single placement we have made, we get a few calls in the first few weeks from the consultant asking for assistance and then the consultant just gets so comfortable in their job that we only hear from them for time-sheets etc.

24. How long does it take to find a job?

This is a tough question to answer.  What we can tell you is that we will get you a lot of interview calls.  If you are as motivated to find a job as we are to get you a job, we can find you a job in as little as 4 weeks after training and at most in 16 weeks after training.  Please see next question for marketability.

25. How can I increase my marketability?

A lot depends upon how prepared you are for the interviews.  2 people with the same technical background entering the same training batch can find jobs in different lengths of time.  E.g., the consultant who has gone back after each class and reviewed all the principles again, finished all the assignments, browsed a lot of white-papers and interview questions on the web will find a job a lot faster than someone who is only taking the training for 3 hours a day and not doing any follow up.

A lot depends upon how flexible you are in the locations that you are willing to go to for a job.  E.g., if all of USA is acceptable to you for a job, we can find a position for you rather quickly (average 3-4 weeks) vs. say only Bay Area (average 10 weeks) vs. say only South Bay or only San Francisco (average 14 weeks).

26. Is there a 100% guarantee that I will get a job?

Like everything else, there is no guarantee in life J.  But, there is a 100% guarantee that we will market you extensively.  But, if you did not pay attention in class, kept taking your phone calls during class, chatted on chat programs, showed up to class late consistently with a Starbucks Latte in hand J, keep failing mid-client or end-client interviews (interview after interview), how can we guarantee you a 100% chance of getting a successful offer?  Perhaps, it would just mean that you need more practice with interviews and topics.  So, we will keep trying.

27. If I am attending classes in person and every now and then I need to take a class from home, is it OK?

Yes.  It is OK.  Not recommended but it is OK.  Taking classes from class room is lot more beneficial to you than taking classes over gotomeeting.  This also means that if you cannot make it to my class in person for the first few days of a new batch beginning, you should try your best to take these classes from home using a phone line and gotomeeting.

28. But, if I miss a class, can you spend time with me?

If you are joining a batch late (say a few classes have happened and you are joining say in the 3rd or the 4th class), the instructor will make all the efforts to bring you up to speed by spending maybe 3-5 hours with you.  But, if you just happen to miss a class in between, it is very difficult for instructor to bring you up to speed.  However, usually, class mates are a good source of information and the instructor mails out every day’s notes to the class.  Instructor may spend 30-60 minutes to bring you up to speed but depends upon his day.

29. Do you provide accommodation?

Not yet

30 If I want to take the training again after having taken it once, can I?

Yes, you are very welcome to take the training again at no cost.  In fact, I recommend it for some people who take longer to absorb new topics

31. What happens after one year (2080 billed hours) is over?

One year (2080 billed hours) countdown starts once you start working with the end client. Only billing hours are taken into consideration for this 2000 hours and not how long you have worked with Zillionix. After you complete working with our end client for a year, your contract with Big Data Trunk will come to an end. But, if you still want to continue working with Big Data Trunk (and we very much hope so) after this one year period, we will be very happy to employ you. We shall negotiate on what your pay rate will be after 2080 hours at that time. It depends on the billing rate we get from our client.




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